Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Perm

My first Toni home perm.
Done at the Richards Salon in the back yard, because you didn't want to smell up the house.
Most of all it was cheaper back then & you didn't have to tip the hair dresser because it was your Mom and you got it the way she wanted it wheather you like it or not.


Judys scraps said...

oh my gosh...I love it...your Mother was marvelous...what a lucky child you were..

Tina said...

Love your journaling Gerri, you so funny! Great page, I love the perm!!:0)

ScrappyMamaw (aka Jude) said...

Oh Gerri..I remember days just like that. I'll post one of my home perms soon. Talk about funny!!lol. Love ya