Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gram & Daughters

This is a photo of my Grandma & her three daughters.
My Mom( the baby) Maggie (the oldest) and Rosemary the middle child. They are all gone now except my Aunt Rosemary. They were all very close. Oh how I miss those days. Every Wednesday, we all went to Grams house & cleaned her house and she always had homemade noodle soup for us. She would have the noodles rolled out & drying on the table just waiting for us to get there so she could start putting them in the pot(of course I had to sneak a few of them before she cooked them. I got my hands slapped a few times, well maybe a lot of times). Then on Fridays I would pack up my two littles ones & drive to pick up the four of them & take them to the grocery store. Oh what an adventure that was. Can you imagine all five of us & two children in one car & everyones grocerys? We made a day of it. Grocery shopping, other shopping, lunch etc...
Grandma never seemed to get tired. She could out run all of us. As the saying goes "Those were the days".
We had a lot of fun & a whole lot of laughs, especially when it came time to separate the groceries. I finally wised up after a couple of years & started writing their names on the bags before putting them in the car. Used Carol's "Autumn walk" for background & Angie briggs for the swirls & word art.

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linda said...

I love the page Gerri! Your journaling tells such a great story. What a wonderufl memory this must be for you. Beautiful, my friend